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'No matter how short a notice, Rani from Chalwa is unfailingly helpful and professional. I fly with ease when in her hands.'

Happy to send you feedback for your website. I'll appreciate it if you'd not show my name or contacts. If you do use the comments below, perhaps you could identify the source as "PCG, from USA".

Chawla Travel and Rani are the most helpful & reliable travel agents. I've dealt with the agency for more than 30 years - and with Rani more recently. I've bought regional, intercontinental & round-the-world tickets from them. They always offer the best fares and their service is immediate and friendly. Just recently, I needed to change some bookings on flights ticketed 9 months ago. Rani made all changes and responded immediately. In Bangkok, they're always available via phone or email and deliver tickets/invoices via messenger. I can recommend Chawla Travel & Rani without hesitation.

I hope this is helpful. Thanks again for the rebooking on AI - and hope to see you in BKK in Feb.

Best wishes

We suggest the following comment for your website:
We have been using Chawla Travel for all our international travel for both business and pleasure over the past six years.
The service provided by Chawla Travel has been top class, and our itineraries, some of which have been complicated,
have been arranged with reliable and prompt attention to detail. We would have no hesitation in recommending Chawla Travel.
Magnums Butlers International.

Kind regards

"Over the past years, my wife and I have made three round-the-world trips ex Bangkok arranged by Ms Rani. She has always been very good at making all the last-minute updates. We look forward to our next round-the-world trip with Chawla travel!"

Eduard J. Bomhoff, Malaysia

Dear Rani,

Over the last few years you have organized several complex and extended 'Around the World Tickets' for us. Thanks to your professional advice and efficient service we did enjoy each and every one of them. As we all know, many things can happen on such multiple stop tickets and help might be needed. By providing us with all your contact numbers, including your mobile and home number you made us feel secure knowing that we could call on for for assistance at any time and from anywhere.

Soon we are planing another extended trip. We will, without any doubt, call on your and your company's expertise, yet again. With kind regards Lore & Jim (Switzerland)

I am since about 40 years customer from your travel agency. Your service, your consulting and your prices for Tickets are the BEST, is really First-Class. You always find a way for each trip. I tried in past, many years ago, also an other travel agency, but neither in Europe nor in Asia I found a better one. You always find the cheapest price fly from A to B. Also all my friends I brought to Chawla Travel are very happy with your perfect and competent service.

I only buy 1st Class-Tickets and sometimes they are the half price from a ticket buy in Europe. So long I can travel I only go to Chawla Travel in Bangkok because nobody give a better service as you.

Thank you very much and I can advise Chawla Travel for everybody.

Best regards

Dr. Karl Betschart
Altgasse 74
6340 Baar / Switzerland

Chawla Travel is the single best travel agency I have ever worked with anywhere in the world.
Mrs. Chawla is a true professional. She has incredible depth and breadth in her knowledge of airfares and their rules and routings.
She responds to each query by either email or telephone promptly, and with meticulous attention to detail, and makes sure that nothing is overlooked.
Each booking is always correctly handled the first time, and no further contact with their office or to the airline is warranted.
I give Chawla Travel my highest recommendation, without any reservation or qualification.


I have been a Chawla customer as far as I can remember and will continue to be so. I have always been treated with the outmost attention and care by everyone in the office and above all by you Rani. The professional attitude displayed by all Chawla employees has really to be commented. The service, the knowledge of flights and the best value for money make the reputation that Chawla enjoys today. My sincere appreciation to you Rani and all your associates. Warmest regards,
Adriano Severi

Dear Rani,
I can only say: Excellent services from chawla at all times!
Will be in Cambodia as of Dec. 06 to 05 January 2013!

Hearty regards,


We have been working with Chawla Travel for over 15 years.
Chawla Travel’s employees can be reached anytime and are very competent in seeking the best and most convenient tickets
and connections. We are very satisfied with the service and couldn’t wish for a better partner.
All our companies, Herotron E-Beam Service GmbH, Zimmermann BCS Stones GmbH and Zimmermann BCS HK Ltd.
as well as HBM Virginia would like to thank you for the good cooperation.

Best regards

Dr. hc. Zimmermann
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Helmut Zimmermann Dr.h.c

I like to booked the air ticket with Chawla because they always give me the best price (cheaper than other ).
They are professional agency and they are very friendly too.

Best regard,

Suchira Rornkaew

Chawla travel....A very competant travel agent. Able to assist you for all your travel needs. Fast and efficient.
Hands down the best travel agent in Asia.


"very friendly team, efficient, easy and very fast booking of fligths with Thai Airways; clear understanding of our needs from the very first moment;
I can highly recommend the service of Chawla Travel "

I hope that this suits your needs.

By the way: Do you also organise hotel stays?

Yours sincerely

Wolfgang Eisenberg

"very friendly team, efficient, easy and very fast booking of fligths with Thai Airways; clear understanding of our needs from the very first moment;
I can highly recommend the service of Chawla Travel "

I hope that this suits your needs.

By the way: Do you also organise hotel stays?

Yours sincerely

Wolfgang Eisenberg

That,s very simple : You are the best in Asia !
Due to some health problems we cannot travel that much enymore. But,
if we need tickets in Thailand, we will buy them from you.

Best regards

George Dommel


can you use this Rani? you can quote me if you like.....

would love to buy tickets from you but the problem is that I have to start/finish
in Bali. this makes things much more expensive! otherwise I would not even consider
going anywhere else!

I hope this email finds you well?
kind regards from Bali,


"I have been using Chawla travel for more than 10 years, and I have found them to always have the best fares,
excellent knowledge about routes and the quality of carriers, and to be 100% dependable."
TDS, Bangkok, Thailand

12.Dear Rani, It was so good to hear from you. You were the best travel agent I have ever had.
I didn't see you for a few years as I had some medical problems and have recovered enough to want to start travelling again.
i got my job back in Jeddah and took my first holiday in Bangkok. Now I want to start travelling again and you were the first person I contacted.
All the years of Round the World travelling was wonderful Thanks so much.


Ron Randa

Dear Khun Rani,

my feedback for you is:
- very efficient - - even top efficient thru Internet for bookings, changes and other requests
- very short answering times thru Internet
- fair Agency fees
- friendly when visiting your office
- office could be a bit more accomodating
--- overall very satisfied with your services (unfortunately I only need/wish point-point air services BKK - ZRH, otherwise could profite more from your services)
Thank you - kind regards


.Hi miss Rani,

Chawala is the best travel agency in Bangkok, Thailand and Asia !

Can't say nothing more,
see you


In 15 years of travelling almost every month across our great planet, I have worked with many many travel agents.
I can safely say that Rani is in the top .001% of travel agents. She is simply exceptional.

She is responsible for halving our corporate travel budget and making sure we can always fly business within our tight budgets. She has an encyclopaedic knowlege of how a minor alteration to a trip itinerary can save 1000s.

It is not only the cost that makes Rani special. She knows more about the industry and fare types than almost any one i have ever met and uses that knowlege to get flight schedules and quality airlines that work for our budget and high quality constraints.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and have referred friends and colleagues from all over the world to her knowing they will be looked after and be as delighted as i am. "

Phil Course

It is very good. And goooood

Tks-Veena Uberoi

I have used Chawla for many years now.
They provide excellent service at all times.I could not recommend them more highly.

Best wishes

Christian Hoyer Millar
Managing Director
26 Beaumont Street
Oxford OX1 2NP

Dear Rani,

Nothing special.
We are satisfied with your service.

Best Regards,

Yutaka Sera

My reply for your website

Chawla travel is providing top service regarding all your travel needs. They are friendly, very responsible in getting back to you, give you the best deals iand they really try their hardest helping you to find whatever you look for, Since 15 years I am a regular Chawlat travel costumer, My experiences with them are excellent.
I can highly recommend

Chawla travel.

MIster P.Nell, Minnesota, USA
Best wishes from Switzerland P. Nell

Dear Mrs. Rani,

here are my comments :
Achim Fischer from Hamburg/Germany

I am buying my tickets for more than 30 Years from Chawla Travel in Bangkok.
They are giving me and my Company the Service you expect from a Travel Agent -
good prices and a perfect service - whenever we need tickets to and from the Far East
our first contact is Chawla Travel in Bangkok.
+ + + +

Best regards,

Achim Fischer

Dear Rani.

in simple words. " Chawla Travel is in my view simply the best.
I can phone from any place in the world and any changes or problems are resolved in SHORT ORDER.
They are always online with airlines so I can change my flight so they are second to none"
Best Regards

Jim Green
CEO Photron Pty Ltd & HCL Co. Ltd

Chawla Travel has over the past 15+ years consistently been the most knowledgeable travel agent I know who knows the best routes and prices to destinations anywhere in the world. Always updated and able to provide travel solutions even at shortest notice to the most complex destinations. Whilst the Internet booking faculties are ample, they do not provide options for multiple destinations and multiple airlines in a same ticket; how and when to best redeem your mileage - this is where Chawla Travel provides any traveller a truly valuable service. In addition, Chawla Travel's close relation with airlines has many times helped getting good seats and other amenities from airlines.

best regards,



Ground floor 22 Patpong 1, Chawla Bldg. Surawonge Road,
Bangkok 10500, THAILAND
Fax. 6622370991
Mobile. 66818106500

Email : chawla@chawlatravel.com